Synopsis : India is a land of rich culture, where the entire way of living is strongly influenced by religion. It is the only country which has thousand of Gods and Deities. Each has its own character, symbolism and mythological/historical facts attached. Each has its own rhythm.

This choreography attempts to portray the different characters of four such prominent Gods through different ‘Laya’.

While the slow steady gait of Ganesha is portrayed through Vilambitlaya; Shiva’s fury and strength are characterised in ‘AtiDhrut’ laya. Durga’s dual nature of beauty and rage; softness and strength come in ‘Madhyalaya’. Krishna’s playfulness is choreographed in ‘DhrutLaya’.

This performance tries to break away from the ‘Bhajan’ format and take these pieces beyond mere reverence towards these gods, into a pure characterization of these religious symbols.


  • Concept                                          RachanaYadav
  • Choreography                               RachanaYadav
  • Music Composition                     Samiullah Khan
  • Dancers                                          Solo & Group ( 5-7 Dancers)
  • Duration                                        65  min
  • Premier                                          New Delhi , 2012