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SAMVET – Solo Presentation

Synopsis : Conceptualised by Rachana Yadav and Choreographed by Aditi Mangaldas, Samvet depicts a confluence, a meeting, a coming together of the five elements of nature : Earth, Water, Wind, Fire & Space. That coalesce in complete harmony. This balanced coming together awakens our senses and brings to us a sense of perfect equilibrium, which [...]

NIRANTAR – Solo Presentation

Synopsis : A continuous journey through moods and moments as the morning turns into night. Where each has no beginning and no end. Yet, every dawn brings in something new. Every moment heralds a new start. […]

Navgraha – Group Presentation (By TRYKS Students)

Synopsis : According to the Hindu Astrology , our lives are ruled by the planets of our Solar system. Astrology recognises 9 planets which play a significant role in our lives. Each of these planets have a very distinctive character which influences our character. […]

Vaadya – Group Presentation (By TRYKS Students)

Synopsis:  Musical Instruments are an integral part of Dance. Indian music has a variety of instruments to offer , each with its very distinct sound, creating a distinct mood. Spanning an entire array of emotions. ‘Vadya’ is a sequence of Five short pieces based on five instruments that are often used in dance. […]

SROTE – Solo Presentation

Synopsis : ‘Srote’ means ‘Source’. In a student’s life , be it an academic student or a student of any art form, A ‘Guru’ has a very important place.  A guru is the source of education, knowledge and training. So this particular production is a tribute to my Gurus. Concept- Rachana Yadav Choreography – Aditi Mangaldas […]