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Direct Investment From/in Counterpart Economy Data
From Top Five Sources/To Top Five locations (US Dollars, Millions)
Inward Direct Investment Outward Direct Investment
complete Inward $26,574 100per cent Total Outward $19,233 100per cent
Kuwait $7,442 28percent Kuwait $5,299 28%
Saudi Arabia $6,522 25percent Asia $4,475 23percent
Libya $3,348 13% united states of america $1,266 7%
United Arab Emirates $2,282 9percent Cayman Islands $1,251 7%
Cayman Islands $1,742 7percent Egypt $726 4%
“0” reflects quantities curved to +/- USD 500,000.

Dining Table 4: Types Of Portfolio Investment

Portfolio Investment Assets
Top Five Partners (Millions, US Dollars)
Total Equity Securities Total Debt Securities all national countries $39,501 100per cent All Nations $8,261 100per cent All Nations $31,239 100%
UAE $5,502 14% Cayman Islands $2,036 25percent UAE $4,936 16%
United States Of America $5,145 13% Usa $1,511 18% Turkey $4,072 13percent
Turkey $4,089 10% Saudi Arabia $708 9% Usa $3,633 12%
Cayman Isles $3,252 9percent UAE $565 7% Not Certain $2,508 8%
Qatar $2,794 7% Qatar $374 5% Qatar $2,420 8percent

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The investment climate in Bahrain is generally speaking good and has now remained reasonably stable into the year that is last Bahrain takes a liberal method of international investment and earnestly seeks to attract international investors and organizations. \n

Within an economy mainly dominated by state-owned enterprises, the us government of Bahrain (GOB) is designed to market a larger part when it comes to personal sector in financial growth.\u00a0 Government efforts focus on motivating international investment that is directFDI) into the production, logistics, information and communications technology (ICT), economic solutions, and tourism sectors.\u00a0 Inbound FDI into the Kingdom jumped 138 % to accurate documentation USD 830 million in 2018, when compared with USD 733 million in 2017. Production and logistics comprised all the brand brand new assets to the nation, as investors desired to make use of Bahrain\u2019s near proximity to Saudi Arabia\u2019s large and diverse market. \n

To strengthen Bahrain\u2019s position being a startup hub and also to boost the Kingdom\u2019s investment ecosystem, the GOB in 2018 established Bahrain FinTech Bay, the greatest FinTech hub at the center East & Africa; given four new regulations addressing information security, competition, bankruptcy, and medical insurance; established the USD 100 million Al Waha capital raising investment for Bahraini assets; and a USD 100 million ‘Superfund’ to guide the development of start-ups. \n

The U.S.-Bahrain Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) entered into force in 2001.\u00a0 The BIT provides advantages and security to U.S. investors in Bahrain, such as for example most-favored country therapy and national therapy, the ability in order to make monetary transfers easily and straight away, worldwide legislation requirements for expropriation and settlement situations, and use of worldwide arbitration. \n

Bahrain permits 100 % foreign-ownership of the latest industrial entities and the establishment of representative workplaces or branches of international organizations without neighborhood sponsors.\u00a0 In 2017, the GOB expanded the amount of sectors by which foreigners are permitted to maintain 100 % ownership stakes to incorporate tourism services, sports production, mining and quarrying, real-estate tasks, water circulation, water transport operations, and crop cultivation and propagation. \n

The U.S.-Bahrain complimentary Trade Agreement (FTA) joined into force in 2006.\u00a0 Beneath the FTA, Bahrain devoted to world-class Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection. \n

Regardless of the federal Government of Bahrain\u2019s clear, rules-based federal federal government procurement system, U.S. organizations often report running at a recognized drawback weighed against other companies whenever competing for many federal federal government procurements.\u00a0 Many ministries need businesses to pre-qualify ahead of putting in a bid for a tender, usually making businesses with small or no experience that is prior Bahrain ineligible to bid on major tenders.\u00a0 \n

Since 2017, the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has operated a technology that is financialFinTech) regulatory \u201csandbox\u201d that allows the evaluating and launching of non-conventional FinTech startups in Bahrain, including cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.\u00a0 The\u00a0CBB also issued laws make it possible for old-fashioned and Sharia-compliant crowdfunding that is financing-based. \n

dining Table 1: Key Metrics and Rankings \n








Measure \n

Year \n

Index\/Rank \n

web site Address \n \n

TI Corruption Perceptions Index \n

2018 \n

99 of 180 http that is\n.org\/research\/cpi\/overview \u00a0 \n \n

World Bank\u2019s Doing Business Report \n

2018 \n

62 of 190 \n

http:\/\/www.doingbusiness.org\/en\/rankings \n \n

Global Innovation Index \n

2018 \n

72 of 126 \n

https:\/\/www.globalinnovationindex.org\/analysis-indicator \u00a0 \n \n

U.S. FDI in partner nation ($M USD, stock positions) \n

2017 \n

$423 \n

http:\/\/www.bea.gov\/international\/factsheet\/ \n

Policies Towards Foreign Direct Investment \n

The federal government of Bahrain (GOB) includes a approach that is liberal international investment and earnestly seeks to attract international investors and companies.\u00a0 Increasing international investment that is directFDI) is just one of the government’s top priorities. The GOB allows 100 % international ownership of a small business or branch workplace, with no need for a regional partner.\u00a0 The GOB doesn’t tax corporate earnings, individual earnings, wide range, money gains, withholding, or death\/inheritance. There are not any limitations on repatriation of money, profits or dividends, regardless of earnings produced by businesses into the gas and oil sector, where profits are taxable during the price of 46 %.\u00a0 The Bahrain Economic developing Board (EDB), faced with marketing FDI in Bahrain, puts specific emphasis on attracting FDI to your production, logistics, information and communications technology (ICT), economic solutions and tourism and leisure sectors. The EDB won the 2018 United Nations Investment Promotion Award for its role in attracting large-scale investments as a reflection of the Kingdom\u2019s openness to FDI. \n

Up to now, U.S. investors have never alleged any appropriate or practical discrimination against them centered on nationality. \n

Limitations on Foreign Control and directly to Private Ownership and Establishment \n

The GOB allows foreign and domestic personal entities to determine and business that is own and participate in all kinds of remunerative activity.\u00a0 The GOB imposes just minimal restrictions on foreign control, while the right of ownership and establishment of a small business. The Ministry of business, Commerce and Tourism (MoICT) keeps a little set of company tasks which can be limited to Bahraini ownership, including press and publications, Islamic pilgrimage, approval workplaces, and workforce agencies.\u00a0 The U.S.-Bahrain complimentary Trade Agreement outlines all tasks where the two nations limit international ownership. \n