Synopsis:  Musical Instruments are an integral part of Dance. Indian music has a variety of instruments to offer , each with its very distinct sound, creating a distinct mood. Spanning an entire array of emotions. ‘Vadya’ is a sequence of Five short pieces based on five instruments that are often used in dance.Flute ,Sarangi . Sitar ;Manjira ; percussions ( table & Pakhawaj). Each piece tries to potray the mood and character of one particular Instrument through Dance.


  •     Concept                                                  RachanaYadav
  •     Choreography                                       RachanaYadav
  •     Music Composition                             Samiullah Khan
  •     Dancers                                                 Group – 9 dancers
  •     Duration                                                90 min
  •      Premier                                                New Delhi , 2014