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Trishanku : Group Presentation

Synopsis: Is there a perfect balance point, between the two opposites ? Or are we in a constant state of conflict ? Between one and the other? ‘Trishanku’ is a short story written by the renowned Hindi Author Mannu Bhandari. It is a story about the experiences of a woman’s journey from being a daughter of [...]

SWARAAH – Group Presentation

Synopsis : Life, a nonstop flow…….of activities, relationships and emotions of harmony….and cacophony. We come, weave our way through it , creating a tapestry of textures and hues or maybe stay with the plain and colourless? ‘Swaraah’ – The path I choose ……. the relationships I nurture , the colours I wear , as I celebrate [...]

ADHIKAAR- Solo & Group Presentation

Synopsis : Based on women’ struggle for their rights and realisation of freedom. This piece is based on the poetry of Mahadevi Verma and Meera Bai.        Concept: RachanaYadav        Choreography: RachanaYadav        Music Composition: Samiullah Khan        Dancers: Solo & Group – 5 dancers        Duration: 45 min        Premier: New Delhi 2013 [...]

Rhythms Of The Collective – Group Presentation

Synopsis : ‘Rhythms Of The Collective’, endeavours to capture this very spirit of Kathak, while it takes you through the  traditional format. The dance begins with its gentle beauty & grace , where the technical repertoire is set to ‘VilambitLaya’. It then slowly picks up and develops the dynamism and energy of ‘DhrutLaya’. […]

AARADHYA – Solo & Group Presentation

Synopsis : India is a land of rich culture, where the entire way of living is strongly influenced by religion. It is the only country which has thousand of Gods and Deities. Each has its own character, symbolism and mythological/historical facts attached. Each has its own rhythm. […]